24 December 2008

Juan Luis "en la intimidad"

I believe the title of this record translates roughly to in the intimate, and man did Juan Luis nail it. A young blond girl, hair tossed about, sits on an orange couch, wrapped in a thin orange sheet, the domestic equivalent of topless at the beach, as sexy as it gets.

"On Wine"

When there's no clear vocal talent behind a record, it's almost expected, for the cover, that those responsible are to find the girl with the sexiest eyes in town, and take a big picture of her looking seductively through whatever it is the album is trying to sell. Adding wine glasses is a nice way to add a bit of class, and conveniently enough, that’s exactly what this record is about. Wine gets its own sexy record. Take that whisky.

23 December 2008

Various Artists "The New Christy Minstrels"

Im not normally a fan of "big hair", but this girls simplicity completely forgives any complaints i might have over the inappropriate use of a blow dryer. i know others will disagree with me on the whole big hair thing, in which case, here's one we can both agree upon. the formal black dress and the bare feet suggest the end of a long night, and the expression says something of the sorts "i'm bored with you, but i already took my shoes off, so i might as well stay, i hope you can make it worth my while."

06 December 2008

Pepe Jaramillio "Down Mexico Way"

what a gem. what an amazing treasure this record is. sex defined, dripping with watermelon juice. this may be the sexiest photograph ever of a woman wearing a sombrero. let your eyes feast upon this exquisite album cover from Pepe Jaramillo, and pray that one day you have the fortune of spending a hot muggy Mexican day with a beautiful native and a succulent watermelon

the record is from 1977. Pepe Jaramillio was putting out records for 20 years, and this was about his last. Almost every album he put out has the word Mexico ofrvTijuana in it. Both I have experience with, and both are marvelous things in their own right. A country which sustained two mighty empires, and a border town with cheap, cheap tacos, and poorly made musical equipment. It’s the colors of the streets and the buildings, the flags and the dresses. This record cover does not make me think of Tijuana, but I pray to find myself in the part of Mexico where such a fantastic scene may be found. Went out with a great cover Pepe. This is a gift to your memory.  

24 November 2008

carol kleyn "return of the silkie"

Return of the what? Is this record a joke?! Here's the first lp cover I'm posting which actually features the artist. This is very rare, before tv and the internet you could get away with being an ugly musician, as long as you found some ridiculously hot woman to put on the cover of your album. Carol breaks the mold. She's sexy. She plays music. She goes topless on the beach, and she carries around a harp?! This ties into the implausibility observation of the previous post. How the fuck would little Carol Kleyn be able to heft a huge ass harp unto some rocks at a beach. And why? Imagine the damage the salt air would do to the instrument. Sexy? Yes. Intelligent? Hardly...

Gordon Calcote "Folsom Prison"

I just noticed I posted two album covers in a row showing off backs. I must be on a back kick, so to move things in another direction, here's a knock out blond, great curves, yellow babydoll dress, provacativly grasping on to whatis assumed to be a folsome state prisoner. This photo is so hot, and completly unplausable. No one in any prison, any where in the world. has even been in this situation.

Bonus points for the awesome color scheme.

Ohio Players "Back"

This record art is conservative for the infamous Ohio Players, but it's deffinitly the sexiest one I've come across, a beautful brown body perfectly possed and framed, wrapped in cassette tape. 

18 November 2008

charlie byrd "the new wave"

A beautiful woman, with an amazing body in a sexy little red bikini, stands in a crashing wave. Did you even notice the remnants of the promo sticker?

Part of my job is to take pictures of vinyl. I've been collecting some of the best, sexiest record covers i come across, and i decided to share them with the world. theres plenty of sites online featuring "the sexiest all time album covers," so i decided to set myself apart by 1: including only vinyl covers, 2: not succumbing to smut, and 3: including albums from around the world, and not just the english and american covers most sites offer. so you wont find sugar ray's "Lemonade And Brownies" on this site, but i've got a jimmi hendrix picture disc coming up that's going to blow your mind. stay tuned. and for more info on this album look it up, i couldn't find shit except that it's from 1974.